CANgine FMS Starter Kit


The CANgine FMS Starter Kits make you familiar with the FMS environment. Customers can choose between the traditional serial or a Bluetooth FMA adapter. After the first steps with simulation of CAN / FMS data with a powerful and easy to handle user interface you’ll have a good understanding about FMS data and the possibilities which come with the integration of FMS data into your telematics solution.

With the powerful FMS simulation software you get a tool which was developed by the CAN tooling experts of Peak System Technik assisted by the FMS experts of ESS Embedded Systems Solutions. Besides the standard features

  • Changing all values defined by the protocol
  • Switching transmission of single J1939 messages on or off

there are a lot of additional features you’ll need when you get deeper in your implementation and therefore come to test failure behavior. With the FMS simulator software you can also CANgine FMS Starter Kit 2 Telematik von ESS Embedded Systems Solutions GmbH

  • change source addresses for the messages
  • change priority of the messages
  • simulate error or not available values for every J1939 value
  • switch the protocol between truck and bus

The starter kit includes:

  • CANgineII (part# ESS-CG2-FMS-SK) or CANgineII_BT (part# ESS-CG2-FMS-SKBT); an FMS converter (serial or Bluetooth version) from ESS
  • CANgine FMS Sim-SW the simulation software from Peak
  • CAN USB converter with additional software to monitor CAN data
  • all necessary cabling
  • power supply
  • a quick start guide for an easy start of operation

The best tool to test your telematics equipment against failures in transmission of vehicle data on its way to the telematics server.

  • Supports Truck FMS and Bus FMS protocol
  • Control of all FMS defined bus variables
  • Supress single FMS frames
  • Allows generation of ‘out of range’, ‘error’ and ‘not available’ values for every single FMS variable
  • Message priority and source address adjustable
  • Output selectable to hardware, monitor and trace file
  • Trace files (even recorded in the truck or bus) can be used as input
  • Works with every Peak CAN hardware

System Requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista (32 bit versions)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    (installed automatically if required)
  • Min. 256 MB RAM
  • Min. 700 MHz CPU
  • Any Peak CAN hardware
    (to access CAN/FMS physically)

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