CANgineII enables the connection between commercial vehicle electronics and a telematics host computer. On its vehicle side CANgineII offers connections to:
  • CAN of the digital tachograph
  • D8 info link of the digital tachograph
With these connections not only the complete real-time vehicle operational data and the ID numbers of the driver cards are available but also access to the data storage of the digital tachograph. Using CANgineII as access device to the vehicles electronics the telematics unit is able to download the complete tachograph data for archival storage without any manual intervention. The laborious and error-prone handling of the USB Download Stick is a thing of the past. Update your telematics equipment with CANgineII for the cost of one single Download Stick.

High Performance

In its standard case, CANgineII only measures 92x44x24 mm³ and contains a modern 32 bit microcontroller, which is internal clocked at 72 MHz. The Arm controller offers enough resources even for future firmware extensions. The supply voltage is 7…32 V, the operating temperature range is -40…80°C.


CANgineII supports all messages defined in the FMS standard version 03 (trucks and busses). If the vehicle is equipped with FMS version 2 or 3, the connection of the D8 info serial link is generally not necessary as information about the inserted driver cards is provided by the new FMS standards. This simplifies cabling.

D8 Info Link of the DTCO

The digital tachograph (DTCO) features a serial output on its rear panel, where the driver’s card data and some vehicle operational data are transmitted cyclically. Unfortunately the data format is not specified in the EU regulation paper and therefore the tachograph manufactures use different data formats. In its actual revision CANgineII supports the VDO and the Stoneridge formats, other tachographs will be added on request.


Power Supply: 7 … 30 VDC
Power Consumption: 32 mA typ @ 12 VDC
26 mA typ @ 24 VDC
CAN Transceiver 82C251 (24V)
Vehicle Connector Sub-D 9 pin male
CAN baudrate 250 kbit/s
Host Connector Sub-D 9 pin female
Serial baudrate 4800 .. 115200 baud
Displays LED RUN (green)
LED ERR (red)
Size 92 x 44 x 24 mm³
Weight 47 g
Operating Temperature -40 .. +80 °C