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SKU #: PR-22550-00

The CANobserver® from GEMAC is a diagnostic device which is used for physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN bus systems and has been designed as a stationary supplement to the CAN-Bus Tester 2. The CANobserver® is permanently implemented into the network, continuously monitors the data transfer and records it automatically for a period of up to ten years. On the basis of the physical properties of the CAN-Bus it recognizes system errors right in time and reports them immediately to the plant operator.

A slowly deteriorating signal quality can be detected in good time to avoid expensive system standstills. The CANobserver® is a unique device which ensures status-oriented maintenance. VDI/VDE has recognized this necessity as well. The new guideline 2184, published in 2007, explains how plant operators can guarantee reliable functioning and maintenance of their field bus systems.

New: CANobserver remote diagnostic system now also adapted for use with mobile devices

  • Bus systems:
    • CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939
  • Baud rates (5 kbit/s ... 1 Mbit/s)
  • Monitoring, physical:
    • General quality level (0 ... 100 %)
    • Disturbance-free voltage range
    • Rising and falling edges
  • Monitoring, logical:
    • Active/passive errors, overload frames, ack. errors
  • Continuous monitoring
    • Bus status, bus traffic load, CAN supply voltage
  • User-friendly browser-based configuration and analysis, control point connection via SNMP
  • Email notification (device, status and error notification)
  • Maintenance without the need for a host-PC, continuous recording of data up to 10 years

Fields of Application:

  • Real-time monitoring of CAN bus plants
  • Plant monitoring according to VDI/VDE2184
Property Value
The information herein is subject to change without notice.
Use (CAN type) CAN (ISO11898-2), CANopen, DeviceNet (EN 50325-2), SAE J1939
Baud rates All baud rates according to the particular CAN type
Station overview Automatically according to the particular CAN type
Bit sampling 64-fold
Quality level Signal quality level (0 ... 100 %)
Disturbance-free voltage range 0 ... 4 V, resolution 50 mV
Edges Edge steepness (in 1/64th of the bit width)
Bus status Bus traffic detection (display: dominant, recessive, not defined, bus traffic)
Bus traffic load Permanent display of the bus traffic load (0 ... 100 %)
Error logging Active error frames Passive error frames Overload frames Acknowledge errors Failure to reach a critical quality level (adjustable) Failure to reach a critical disturbance-free voltage range (adjustable) Exceeding of a critical rising edge (adjustable) Exceeding of a critical falling edge (adjustable)
Error indicator All logged errors (permanent/current) displayed via LEDs
Error output Freely programmable
Export Recorded measurements exportable in XML format for processing with CAN-Bus Tester 2 - Application software
Electrical parameters
Power supply Via the supplied wide-range power supply pack (9 ... 36 V DC)
Measuring of the differential voltage typ. - 0.75 V ... 3.00 V
Measuring of the CAN supply voltage 0 ... 36 V
Error output Potential-free, max. 30 V DC
Mechanical parameters
CAN connection 9-pin SUB-D connector
Network connection 10/100 MBit Ethernet IEE 802.3u, RJ-45 (8P8C) LAN connector
Housing Aluminum plate housing for top hat rail mounting, degree of protection: IP20
Temperature range Operation: 5 ... 40 °C, storage: - 20 ... 60 °C
Dimensions 50 mm x 125 mm x 124 mm
Weight approx. 550 g
Information Sheet CANobserver
Manual CANobserver
Software Download
Software CANobserver Version 1.33