CANopen DeviceExplorer (floating license)


The CANopen DeviceExplorer is a versatile tool for development, testing, diagnostics and service tasks. It provides CANopen master functionalities and allows the analysis and configuration of CANopen devices. Information about each CANopen device are read from the electronic data sheet of the device (EDS or XDD format), or they can be scanned directly from the device. Using standardized device configuration files (DCF) device configurations can be saved or imported. Additionally, data of entire CANopen networks can be stored in project files.

The CANinterpreter, is already included in standard version as CAN-Analyzer tool. It allows monitoring of the CAN-Bus in real time and supports starting and diagnosis of networks. User is able to see messages transmitted to the bus as raw CAN-Telegrams (CAN Layer 2) or interpreted as CANopen message (CAN Layer 7). An optional recording of data transmission allows an offline analysis afterwards. CANopen DeviceExplorer shows CAN-Messages with hardware timestamps, generated by SYS TEC electronic USB-CANmodules. Combined with Process Data Linker plug-in CANopen DeviceExplorer becomes an all-embracing tool for entire functionalities like planning, implementing, analysis and debugging.

Extended hardware support

SYS TEC electronic offers extraordinary hardware support for CAN-Bus interfaces of various manufacturers. You are not limited to a particular supplier.

This software works with the following CAN interfaces:

- Kvaser CAN-Interfaces
  • Saving and loading of device and network configurations
  • project-oriented network configurations based on CANopen EDS and DCF files
  • online and offline access to object dictionary of CANopen devices
  • integrated CANopen master functionalities like: NMT commands (Start/Stop network), node guarding (Start/Stop Guarding & Heartbeat), configuration of PDOs (Mapping & Communication Parameter), reset of CANopen devices (Reset Communication, Reset Node)
  • integrated CAN-Analyzer for real time bus monitoring like display of CAN telegrams (CAN Layer 2), Interpretation of CANopen messages (CAN Layer 7)
  • recording of CAN-Telegrams and interpretation afterwards
  • displaying and manually transmission of PDOs
  • interpretation of CAN-Data according to user specifications
  • download of device and network configuration via CAN-bus
  • network scan for detection of devices connected to the bus
  • transmission of CAN messages or sequences in single or periodic