KU-PR100109 , KU-PR100111 , KU-PR100110
The Kunbus DF PROFI II CPCI insert cards (formerly sold by COMSOFT) are high performance PROFIBUS DP/DPV1 boards designed to meet the demanding requirements of today's automation industry.

Also available in PCIe and PCI versions, the DF PROFI II is suitable for a wide variety of uses featuring unmatched flexibility and speed.

Part Number Old Comsoft Part# Description/Version
KU-PR100110 4000-7-3-M 5-3-* DF PROFIBUS CPCI with Windows Drivers
KU-PR100109 4000-7-3-D 5-3-* DF PROFIBUS CPCI with Linux Drivers
KU-PR100111 4000-7-3-L 5-3-* DF PROFIBUS CPCI with LabVIEW PROFIBUS VISA driver for Win XP/7 and LabVIEW RT
  • Watchdog function with physical PROFIBUS line disconnection for Master class 1 redundancy
  • Process data image with I/O data and millisecond based relative time stamp value
  • The PROFIBUS configuration data is stored in a fail-safe Flash Type Memory
  • Comfortable and full graphical configuration tool
  • Also available as PCIe and PCI versions
  • DF PROFI II board supports Windows 2000/XP/7 as well as Linux (SUSE, Redhat, Fedora) real-time operating systems including LINUX RT and LabVIEW™ RT
  • Add-on software: LabVIEW™ PROFIBUS VISA Driver, redundant OPC Server, FDT 1.2 Communication DTM

PC Connectivity

Compact PCI (CPCI)

Supported PROFIBUS Protocol Versions

DP/DPV1 Master class 1/2, DP-Slave

Operation Mode

DPV0 Master class 1

DPV1 Master class 2 & DPV0 Slave


Ethernet 10/100 BaseT (optional)


Baud Rates

Ethernet: max. 100 MBit/s

PROFIBUS RS485: max. 12 MBit/s


Host CPU: NET+ARM 40 (33MHz)

PROFIBUS Chip: ASPC 2 (48 MHz)

RAM: Static 2 Mbyte; Flash Memory 1 Mbyte

PCI Interface: PLX, PCI-X - compatible (for 5V and 3.3V - PCI slots)

Layer 2 Services

Live List

DP Services

DPV0 class 1 Master-Slave and DP-Slave

DP/DPV1 Services

DPV1 class 2 Master-Slave

MSAC2_initiate, MSAC2_read, MSAC2_write, MSAC2_data_transport, MSAC2_abort

Data size of Process Image

Max. 8 kByte