KU-PR100190 , KU-PR100191 , KU-PR100192
The Kunbus DF PROFINET IO board (formerly sold by COMSOFT) operates as a PN IO controller and/or as PROFINET IO device. As a PN IO-Controller this board achieves operations of 64 PROFINET devices per millisecond in the performance class RT.

A second independent Ethernet interface is optionally available allowing this board to simultaneously operate as PROFINET IO device. A stand-alone operation, such as PN IO device is also possible. In PN IO controller mode, among the cyclic data traffic, all acyclic read/write/diagnosis and alarm functions are supported and of course compatible to the PN IO standard of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International. The size of the process image of the card's I/O data is 16 Kbyte (8 Kbyte input and 8 Kbyte output data). The PROFINET configuration data is safely stored in Flash memory.

Part Number Old Comsoft Part# Description/Version
KU-PR100190 1011089 DF PROFINET IO CPCI with Windows Drivers
KU-PR100191 1011090 DF PROFINET IO CPCI with Linux Drivers
KU-PR100192 1011093 DF PROFINET IO CPCI with LabVIEW PROFINET VISA driver for Win XP/7 & LabVIEW RT
  • 8 Kbyte Input and 8 Kbyte output data
  • Failsafe Flash Type Memory
  • Supports PROFINET supervisor functionality
  • Comfortable and full graphical configuration tool (CONFIGURATOR III)
  • Drivers for all current operating systems available
  • Add-on software: LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA Driver, OPC UA Server is planned for a later release date


PN IO Controller, PN IO device, also simultaneously

PN IO Specification

V 2.3

PN IO Performance Class

Class B (<= 1 ms)


1.3 GHz Freescale PowerQUICC III



32 MB Flash Memory

CPCI Interface

PCI Rev. 2.2, 32 Bit (5V and 3.3V supported)

Ethernet Interface

RJ45 100 Base-T(X)

Data Size of Process Image

16 KB

Power Consumption

Typical 7W

Ambient Temperature Range

0°C – 55°C


188 mm x 126 mm x 20mm