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SKU #: KU-PR100261, KU-PR100262, KU-PR100263

The DF PROFINET IO board operates as a PN IO controller and/or as PROFINET IO device. Because its efficiency is so huge the new board achieves as PN IO controller operations of 64 PROFINET devices per millisecond in the performance class RT. A second independent Ethernet interface is optionally available, so the board can therefore operate as PROFINET IO device at the same time. A stand-alone operation, such as PN IO device is also possible. In PN IO controller mode, among the cyclic data traffic, all acyclic read/write/diagnosis and alarm functions are supported and of course compatible to the PN IO standard of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International. The size of the process image of the card‘s I/O data is 16 Kbyte (8 Kbyte input and 8 Kbyte output data). The PROFINET configuration data is stored in a failsafe flash type memory.

The controller board also supports PROFINET supervisor functionality, making it possible to scan the network as well as to control the names and IP addresses of various PROFINET devices. The CONFIGURATOR III is available for compilation and download of the PROFINET configuration. The comfortable and fully graphical tool minimises the configuration effort, while extensive download, analysis and control functions permit an efficient checkup of the configured PROFINET IO network.

In PN IO device mode the min. cycle time is 1 millisecond with a max. IO data size of 1440 bytes. The board does not need to be configured but instead receives the IO configuration directly from the PN IO controller, which significantly simplifies putting it into service. A special feature supported by the board is the PN IO shared device mode, which allows multiple PN IO controllers (up to 20) to access allocated IO buffers within the device simultaneously. This allows a very flexible integration also into large and complex PN IO networks. The operation modes PN IO controller and PN IO device can be run simultaneously.

Drivers for all current operating systems are also available and an OPC UA server is planned for a later release date. A LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA driver is already available. The LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA driver equips National Instruments’ LabVIEW™ with a real-time PROFINET IO connection. The installation in a classical PC system under LabVIEW™ for Windows is just as likely as in a real-time PXI system under LabVIEW™ RT, for example as a high performance PAC system for time-critical test applications or industrial automation applications.

  • 8 Kbyte Input and 8 Kbyte output data
  • Failsafe Flash Type Memory
  • Supports PROFINET supervisor functionality
  • Comfortable and full graphical configuration tool (CONFIGURATOR III)
  • Drivers for all current operating systems available
  • Optional Add-on software: LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA Driver
Functionality PN IO Controller
PN IO Specification V 2.3
PN IO Performance Class Class B (<= 1 ms)
Processor 1.3 GHz Freescale PowerQUICC III
Memory 1 GB DDR II
32 MB Flash Memory
CPCI Interface PCI Rev. 2.2, 32 Bit (5V and 3.3V supported)
Ethernet Interface RJ45 100 Base-T(X)
Data Size of Process Image 16 KB
Power Consumption Typical 7W
Ambient Temperature Range 0°C – 55°C
Dimensions 188 mm x 126 mm x 20mm
DF PROFINET IO Flyer in PDF Format
DF PROFINET IO Windows – Getting Started
DF PROFINET Io Getting Started Guide for Windows
LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA Driver Flyer in PDF Format
LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA Driver Windows - Getting Started
LabVIEW™ PROFINET VISA Driver For Windows - Getting Started Guide
LabVIEW™-RT PROFINET VISA Driver - Getting Started
LabVIEW™-RT PROFINET VISA Driver - Getting Started Guide
A Collection of DF PROFINET IO GSDML File