DIPmodul-164 Core Module w/ CAN

This product is EOL and is not intended for new designs. Please consider the SYS TEC CANopen-Chip F40 instead.

This tiny yet highly cost-effective insert-ready Single-board computer is based on the Infineon C164CI 16-bit microcontroller in MQFP-80 packaging. The size of a 40-pin DIP device with single row SMD pin header connectors in 2.54 mm pitch, the board is designed for use as a universal core component in a customer application design. Various port lines of the C164 microcontroller are available to the target application board on these connectors. This allows the DIPmodul-164 to be plugged into a target application like a “big programmable chip”. The C164CI features an on-chip Full-CAN controller. This enables the DIPmodul-164 to be used as network node within a CAN system. The memory is extendable up to 256kB SRAM and up to 256kB FLASH providing space for even extensive applications. A serial EEPROM of up to 64kB is available for the non-volatile saving of process variables and data. The FLASH is programmable on-board via serial interface. External peripheral devices can be easily extended using the SPI bus. The driver-software for the on-board peripheral devices is delivered in source-code.
  • Subminiature 16-bit System on Module (22.5 x 55.5 mm) in DIP-40 format achieved through advanced SMD technology
  • Infineon 16-bit C164CI microcontroller with 10 MHz external clock
    (internal 20 MHz clock) in MQFP-80 package
  • All free ports and applicable controller signals extend to 40 pin headers (2.54 mm pitch) along board edge
  • 32 (to 256 KB) KB external SRAM
  • 256 (to 256 KB) KB external Flash
  • 2 (to 128) KB serial EEPROM
  • On-chip Bootstrap loader
  • No dedicated Flash programming voltage required through use of 5V Flash devices
  • 2.0B active CAN interface with 82C251 CAN transceiver (limits external memory to 512 KB SRAM and 512 KB Flash)
  • Real-Time Clock on the C164CI, Watchdog Timer
  • Improved EMI safety achieved through multi-layer technology
  • Can be plugged like a "big chip" into target applications
Controller: Infineon C164CI (16-bit microcontroller) in MQFP-80 package
System Clock: 20MHz
RAM: 32 kB SRAM (256 kB optional)
Flash: 128 kB (256 kB optional)
EEPROM: 2 kB (64 kB optional)
CAN: 1x High-speed CAN2.0B
Others: Real-Time Clock, Watchdog, Timers
Extension Interfaces: SPI
Power supply: 5 VDC
Power consumption: typically 80 mA
Socket connector: DIL 40, 2,54mm pitch
Operating temperature: 0ºC to +70ºC
optional -40ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions: 56x23 mm
Complementary Middleware: CANopen® Protocol Stack Source Code