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SKU #: KU-PR100130

Flexible connection of PROFIBUS & Ethernet

The compact 24 Volt hat rail module allows the connection to all PROFIBUS DP networks based on RS485 (up to 12 Mbit/s) and supports DP Master class 1 and 2 on the basis of DP and DPV1 services as well as DP Slave. The access to FNL is carried out through a TCP/IP socket interface. The interface is independent of operating system, completely unfolded and convincing because of its quickness.

The Ethernet based operation mode as Modbus TCP/IP Slave provides easy integration of FNL as PROFIBUS DP Master into a large number of visualisation and control systems. The PROFIBUS DP based diagnostic and IO data are dynamically compiled into the Modbus TCP/IP structure and do not have to be configured separately.

  • Network Configurator (CNC) for the integration of FNL in your network
  • PROFIBUS configuration tool CONFIGURATOR III with extensive download, analysis and control functions
  • Programming interface: The TCP/IP socket interface provides transparent exchange of the DP Slaves' process and diagnostic data as well as all DP/DPV1 Master class 1/2 and DP Slave services
  • No more hardware/driver installation with its typical related problems
  • Access to the respective fieldbus from any arbitrary network PC
  • Up-to-date technologies, like internet, e-mail etc. can be used in the process control level
  • Add-on software: LabVIEW™ Driver for FNL
  • Power Supply24 VDCInterfacesEthernet: 10/100 BaseT
  • PROFIBUS: RS485 (DB9)
  • Service Interface: RS232Baud RatesEthernet: max. 100 MBit/s
  • PROFIBUS RS485: max. 12 MBit/s
  • RS232: 57,6 KBit/sSupported PROFIBUS Protocol VersionsDP/DPV1    Master class 1/2 & DP SlaveSupported Ethernet Protocol VersionsTCP/IP Socket
  • Modbus TCP/IP Slave
User Manual
KUNBUS FNL Gateway User Manual in PDF Format
GSD File
KUNBUS FNL Gateway GSD Files