The PCAN-B10011S bus converter establishes a connection between a high-speed CAN bus (ISO 11898-2) and a Truck Trailer CAN bus (ISO 11992-1). One of the most important potential applications of the bus converter is a simple connection between a PEAK CAN interface (e.g. PCAN-USB) and a Truck Trailer CAN bus.
  • Direct connection to a high-speed CAN bus through a D-Sub socket, 9-pin with switchable termination
  • Direct connection of the truck trailer CAN bus through a D-Sub plug, 9-pin with switchable termination (master/slave mode)
  • Connection of the Truck Trailer CAN via 9-pin D-Sub connector
  • Normal or listen-only operating mode
  • Data transfer rates up to 125 kbit/s
  • Power supply via Truck Trailer CAN bus or self-sufficient with power supply unit
  • Adjustable truck trailer system voltage (11 - 26 V) when supplied via included power adapter
  • Status display for power supply and error states via LEDs
Power Supply +24 V DC nominal, +8 – +30 V DC possible
Power Consumption about 35 mA (at 24 V), max. 110 mA
High-speed CAN ISO 11898-2
Sub-D socket (according to CiA DS 102)
Transceiver Philips PCA82C251
Internal bus termination with 120 Ω (switchable)
Truck Trailer CAN ISO 11992
Sub-D plug
Transceiver Atmel B10011S
Modes: Master and Slave, active and passive
Transfer rate max. 125 kBit/s
Dimensions About 79 x 43 x 22 mm (3 1/8 x 1 11/16 x 7/8 inches)
Weight max. 50 g (1.8 oz.)
Operating temperature -40 – +85 °C (-40 – +185 °F)
Storage temperature -40 – +100 °C -40 – +212 °F
Relative humidity 15 – 90 %, not condensing
EMC directives EN 55022:1999
EN 55024:2002
EC directive 73/023/EWG
EC directive 89/336/EWG
EC directive 91/263/EWG
EC directive 92/031/EWG
EC directive 93/068/EWG
Degree of protection IP20