PCAN-Explorer V5 Portable License Software


CAN Network Monitoring Software

PEAK's popular PCAN-Explorer V5 software is now also available as a portable license software. With this type of license the customer receives a USB copy protection dongle for each purchased license in addition to the installation CD. The benefit is that PCAN-Explorer 5 can be installed on several computers. However, in order to unlock and use the software, you must plug the copy protection dongle into a free USB port.

PCAN-Explorer V5 is a universal yet sophisticated tool for monitoring data traffic on a CAN network. Specific individual messages can be identified as so-called symbols in order to easily and clearly identify them within the stream of CAN frames. The integrated VBScript support allows the creation of macros which in turn helps the user with automating complex tasks. An integrated data logger allows for convenient recording, analyzing, and storage of the data traffic from the CANbus.

The software works with all PEAK PCAN interface products including the popular PCAN-USB Adapter. There are four optional function upgrade add-ins available including CANdb, Plotter, Instruments Panel and J1939.
  • All files and elements can be managed and saved in projects
  • Project components such as CAN connections, symbol files, and macros are clearly displayed and laid out in the project browser
  • The new start page allows fast access to the most recently opened projects or files
  • Simultaneous connections with up to 16 networks/CAN interfaces of the same hardware type
  • Connection window with an overview of all connections, complete with status, error counters, bus load, etc.
  • All parameters of all elements in the user interface can be examined using a property window and edited if necessary
  • Multiple flexible filters can be configured and, for example, assigned to the transmit/receive window or the various different tracers
  • Tabs to switch between the different windows
  • Flexible arrangement of the user interface using the dockable windows
  • User-defined column display and arrangement in transmit/receive window
  • J1939 support with the relevant add-in
  • Display of received messages showing the ID, length, data bytes, number of messages received, and receiving interval
  • Simultaneous hexadecimal and symbolic representation of the details
  • Display of remote frames, status reports of the CAN controller and, as option, CAN-bus error frames also
  • Logging of time-outs
  • Transmission of messages at fixed intervals of time, manually or as reply to remote frames
  • Messages can be created as transmit lists, stored and loaded as desired, in order to e. g. emulate CAN nodes
  • Periodical transmission with up to 1 ms precision
  • Easy creation of symbol files and macros using the integrated text editor with syntax highlighting
  • User-friendly real-time monitoring of several signals via the watch window
  • Extensive improvements to user guidance and interface compared to PCAN-Explorer version 4
  • User interface language can be switched (German/English)
  • Simple integration of external tools
  • Integration of add-ins to upgrade functionality

PCAN-Explorer 5 Licenses:

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