Piggyback cards/ Option cards for real-time communication

Minimize development efforts and save time and money with the product introduction of PROFINET RT into your device - KUNBUS-IC offers a simple option to integrate ProfiNet RT (PROFINET slave device) into your device with maximum efficiency.

Our KUNBUS-IC modules not only have the required PROFINET RT interface, but also an interface to your control. A standard pin-out permits realization of all of our buses by simple replacement of the module type. The KUNBUS-IC modules naturally have all the necessary components like optoelectronic coupler, bus driver, and microcontroller, bus components, and the indispensable memory. Furthermore, KUNBUS-IC modules have proven themselves in the security field, have been tested 100 %, and naturally are PNO-certified.

Connection of the KUNBUS-IC module to the processor of your control for implementation of PROFINET KUNBUS-IC RT (PROFINET KUNBUS-IC IRT as COM module) can be realized with a UART interface. A shift register interface can be used for devices without a processor. The signal distribution (32x8 bytes) to the input and output registers is done as required. This permits, for example, a split into 5x input and 27x output. Via a second serial CDI interface, a terminal can be connected, for example, as a debugging and configuration interface. A galvanic separation of up to 1.5 kV between the bus interface and control has also been realized on the module. Because the KUNBUS-IC PROFINET module can be operated independent of the control, the load of the processor of the control is fully reduced.

  • DIL32 module 25 x 45 mm
  • SDI Modbus interface to the application
  • Full access to all functions
  • RS485, RS232, UART
  • Protocolscripter
  • Automatic Baud rate recognition
  • Low power consumption
  • 5 V or 3.3 V power supply
  • Parameter changes during operation are possible
  • Terminal/Modbus RTU permits individual configuration
  • Modules are PNO-certified and 100 % tested
  • Same pin-out to the application
  • 1,5kV galvanic separation of application and bus
  • Service interface: CDI (config, debug, status)
  • SSC shift register recognition (SPI)
  • Function check during operation
  • Automatic Baud rate recognition
  • Automatic shift register recognition