CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302

SYS-SO-1063 , SYS-SO-1063-VP

CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302

A CANopen network usually consists of several devices with different functionality. One main function is the NMT master which shall exist in every CANopen network. Its task is to control and monitor the NMT state of all NMT slaves. Commonly, the CANopen device which controls the system from an application point of view implements the NMT master also, e.g. a PLC.

The CANopen Manager according to CiA 302 combines the NMT master with additional functionalities and implements processes in a standardized way, e.g. the boot-up of the network. This boot-up consists of the scan for expected CANopen devices and their configuration by the Configuration Manager.

Furthermore the CANopen Manager may implement the SDO manager which is responsible for dynamic establishment of SDO connections. This means, that SDO connections do not have to be configured when installing the system, but CANopen devices are able to request SDO connections to other devices at run time. These CANopen devices which are the counterpart of the SDO manager are called “SDO requesting device”. The SDO manager ensures that the same SDO server of a CANopen device is not used by two SDO clients at the same time, if and only if no SDO connections are established dynamically by CANopen devices themselves.

Available as Value Pack Option including:

CANopen Manager Protocol Stack Source Code, ODBuilder, CANopen Configuration Suite with LSS-Plug-in, CAN-Report with CANopen Plug-in, USB-CANmodul1, Documentation, Service and Support Certificate, License and Support Contract

  • CiA 302 compliant CANopen Manager Source Code
  • Complete source code set of CANopen manager, master and slave services included
  • Same API for both NMT master and pure NMT slave CANopen devices (useful for HMI devices)
  • High scalability and portability
  • Implemented in plain ANSI C
  • Seamlessly integrated SDO manager and SRD client for dynamic establishment of SDO connections
  • Completely transparent management of SDO clients
  • Configuration Manager, which uses concise DCFs (a compressed format of DCF) to configure CANopen devices
  • Automatic configuration of heartbeat or life/node guarding
  • Multi-instance support - Implement different logical CANopen devices on a single physical hardware platform
  • The first year of software maintenance and technical support included - free of charge!
  • No royalties on deployed products
  • Bundled versions (so-called Value Packs) with complete set of fully-enabled CANopen tools included available
  • ODBuilder - PC Tool for easy configuration of the Object Dictionary including automatic source code generation, EDS editor with import and export functionality
  • Straight-forward ANSI-C implementation and the clear modularized structure support easy porting to new target platforms
  • Generic OS API suitable for integration with real time operating systems
  • CANopen Manager Protocol Stack provides the communication layer for implementing all standardized CANopen device profiles
  • CAN driver source code for many target systems included
  • Uniform CAN driver API for all supported CAN interfaces
  • High resolution time stamp
  • CiA 304 compliant CANopen Safety Protocol Extension (optional add-on)
  • CiA 402 Device Profile for Motion Control and Drives (optional add-on)