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Industrial PC


Revolution Pi from German-based KUNBUS, is an open, modular and inexpensive industrial PC based on the well-known Raspberry Pi. The Linux-based Raspberry Pi OS (previously Raspian) is intuitive by design. Software packages can be easily installed subsequently, which saves time. 

To attain true industrial suitability, the lesser known Raspberry Pi Compute Module was used as a basis. The Compute Module is Raspberry Pi in a more flexible form factor, intended for industrial applications. By building upon the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the foundation has been laid for equipping the Raspberry Pi with a robust and industry-compatible periphery developed by KUNBUS, which meets all important industrial standards (EN 61131-2 or IEC 61131-2). On the software side, the Revolution Pi has a specially adapted Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian) operating system, which is equipped with a real-time patch. The use of Raspberry Pi OS ensures that most of the applications developed for the Raspberry Pi can also be used on the Revolution Pi.

Further information and all technical data on hardware and software can be found on the product pages of the individual modules.

Customized OEM versions are also available.

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