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CAN Bus Diagnostic Tools

CAN bus diagnostic tools are essential for analyzing and troubleshooting the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus in a vehicle or other CAN network. These tools allow for the analysis and simulation of network communication, making it possible to check whether communication is happening and what type of communication is occurring on the network. These tools consist of both hardware and software solutions - Phytools has both.

Our software tools include PCAN Explorer, CANinterpreter, and CANvision Protocol Monitor. They can be used to view and analyze network activities, record data, replay data, send and receive CAN messages, and simulate network communication. We also have some free software options including PEAK-System's PCAN-View and Kvaser's CANKing, which supports scripting using common programming languages like C#.

If you need to test the integrated wiring or bus cabling, we have hardware solutions such as the CAN-Bus Tester 2, a portable diagnostic device for CAN networks. 

These tools have helped many companies perform CAN bus analysis both during the development phase and for testing and troubleshooting phases.

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