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CANalarm Message Trigger License

SKU #: SW-22565-11

Configure custom triggers for CAN bus messages with the Message Trigger license for the CANalarm diagnostic tool from GEMAC.

The CANalarm® is an entry-level CAN bus monitoring tool for the start-up, analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting and service/maintenance of CAN bus systems:

  • Passive CAN node, supports CAN 2.0A and B (ISO 11898-2)
  • Power supply: +9 ... 32 VDC
  • Displays ID and content of transmitted CAN frames
  • Shows CAN bus load
  • Detection of faulty bus states
  • Taps directly into existing CAN cabling via dual DB-9 connectors - without the need for a PC or laptop
  • Indication of occurrence of predefined trigger criteria via status LED or potential free switching output
  • From the developers of CAN-Bus Tester - world-wide CAN diagnostics market leaders
CANalarm® Datasheet
User's Manual CANalarm®
Software CANalarm®, version 1.38