CANinterpreter (USB dongled floating license)


CAN Monitoring and Recording Software

The CANinterpreter is a versatile tool for monitoring, recording, and analyzing data traffic on CAN-Networks. All messages transmitted to the CAN-Bus are displayed in real time and in various modes and views. The optional recording of data traffic allows for the offline analysis afterwards. This is helpful for detecting sporadic failures. Single CAN messages or message sequences can be transmitted to the network in order to simulate physical CAN nodes that are not yet connected during the commissioning phase of the bus. (CANinterpreter is included in CANopen DeviceExplorer.)
  • Floating license with USB dongle
  • Online monitoring of bus traffic in different views
  • Interpretation of CAN-Data according to user specifications
  • Tracing of CAN-Telegrams and interpretation afterwards
  • Flexible CAN-ID specific filtering
  • transmission of CAN messages or sequences in single or periodic
  • Functional extensions via applicable plug-ins
  • Windows: supports CAN interface hardware from SYS TEC electronic, Kvaser, PEAK (PCAN-USB Adapter)
  • Linux: supports any CAN interface with can4Linux or SocketCAN
  • Available as demo version which works with or without CAN interface but CAN only be used with 125 kbit/s and it only runs for 1 hour.