CANopen plug-in for CANinterpreter


CANopen Interpretation add-on* for CANinterpreter

The CANopen Interpreter interprets all received CAN messages according to the CANopen protocol and displays the CANopen service of the message, the source or target node ID and a service-specific interpretation in a human-readable format. Additionally the CANopen Interpreter can interpret the content of PDO messages according to the PDO mapping as defined in EDS or DCF files.

*requires CANintrepreter software


  • Shows CANopen message type (PDO, SDO, etc.)
  • Interpretation of CANopen Data according to EDS or DCF file
  • Tracing of CAN-Telegrams and interpretation afterwards
  • Flexible filtering based on message type, node ID, message ID etc.
  • transmission of CAN messages or sequences in single or periodic

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