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CiA 402 Add-on for CANopen Source Code

SKU #: SYS-SO-1081

CiA 402 Add-on to CANopen Master & Slave Source Code

The CiA 402 Add-on module implements the CANopen device profile for drives and motion control according to CiA 402, as it is used for digital controlled motion products like servo controllers, frequency converters and servo motors.

A comprehensive set of API functions allows control of the device state and operation mode. The implementation can handle up to 8 axes and supports the Homing Mode, Profile Position Mode, Profile Velocity Mode, Velocity Mode and Profile Torque Mode.

  • With the CiA 402 add-on comes a special DS402 plug-in for the CANopen Device Monitor (part of the CANopen Configuration Suite). This plug-in provides components to ease work, test and commissioning of CiA 402 compliant multi-axis CANopen devices:
    • State Machine tab-sheet: Graphically visualizes the drive's state within the CiA 402 state machine and continuously displays the status word of the drive
    • Profile Position tab-sheet: Simplifies test and commissioning of a drive by providing a comfortable user interface for easy configuration and execution of position profiles.
    • Object extensions: Special pop-up menus attached to object entries in the object dictionary, providing instant access to the status and control word of a CANopen drive via mouse-click.(requires SO-877, SO-877-VP, SO-1063 or SO-1063-VP)
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CiA 402 Add-on - Software Manual