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Kvaser T-Cannector Expansion L

SKU #: KV-01300-1

The Kvaser T-Cannector Expansion L (01300-1) is a CAN bus hub and extension unit that offers six D-SUB9 socket connectors in total. With adjustable CAN termination (connecting a load of 120, 60 or 0), the Kvaser T-Cannector Expansion L provides an affordable and safe way of terminating the CAN bus when using Kvaser interfaces on a development board, as well as powering devices without internal power.

  • Acts as a CAN bus hub with six D-SUB9 connectors
  • Modular and compatible with Kvaser T-cannector v2 (00776-5) for larger CAN bus hubs
  • Each D-SUB9 has screws to secure the connection to the Kvaser CAN interface
  • Adjustable termination via easy-to-use switch (Base unit)
  • LED to indicate power on (Base unit)
  • Voltage range of 12 V- 24 V DC
Property Value
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Categories LIN, CABLES, DIN Rail, Interfaces, Hardware, Dataloggers, CAN, Accessories
Channels 3
Connectors DSUB 9
Galvanic Isolation No
Sound No
Silent Mode No
Height 34 mm
Length 55 mm
Weight 80 g
Temp Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Kvaser T-Cannector Expansion L User's Guide
The Kvaser T-Cannector Expansion L, which consists of a Kvaser T-cannector v2 (Base unit) and a Kvaser T-cannector L (Extension unit), expands the Kvaser T-cannector v2 (00776-5) to a CAN bus hub that in total offers eight D-SUB9 socket connectors.
Version V1.0.211114