Dynamic OD Add-on for CANopen Source Code


Dynamic OD Add-on to CANopen Master & Slave Source Code

The Dynamic OD Add-on implements a Dynamic Object Dictionary as specified in CiA 302 and provides functionality to replace, extend or modify parts of an existing object dictionary at runtime (e.g. PDOs, process data). It uses a special kind of compressed binary DCF, called "Concise configuration storage".

The add-on module also includes a PC tool to generate the needed binary format from standard DCF source files. This tool is available as executable and library (DLL), which allows for easy incorporation of DCF conversion into own applications.

Dynamic OD Add-on Source Code, DCFparser DLL for binary segment generation from DCF (Windows only), Documentation, License Contract
(requires SO-877, SO-877-VP) (already included in SO-1063, SO-1063-VP)