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SAE J1939 Stack

SKU #: EM-5028-10-PL, EM-5028-10-SL
by emotas

The J1939 Stack allows the fast and straight-forward development of J1939 applications.

A comfortable API allows the easy analysis of received data. The SAE J1939 Stack is equipped with a defined driver interface for the easy adaption of different CPUs. A great number of hardware adaptions are available at emotas.

To avoid a waste of resources the SAE J1939 Stack is to a large extend configurable and scalable.

To guarantee a quick start using the J1939 Stack a number of example projects and a user manual are part of the delivery. Also a reference manual that explains the use of functionalities and function parameters is included.

The unique J1939 DeviceDesigner is a tool to manage all PNGs and SPNs in a device easily and to generate code for the J1939 stack.
The import of PGN definitions avoids repetitive and error-prone work.

Scope of delivery/Licensing

  • J1939 protocol source code (ANSI-C compatible)
  • driver adaption for CPU
  • ready to run example applications
  • MISRA-C conform
  • User and Reference Manual as PDF file
  • site licence or project license without runtime fee
  • 6-24 month support and updates included, depending on license
  • 1 single-user license of J1939 DeviceDesigner
  • optional maintenance agreement
  • Transmission and reception of J1939 messages
  • Handling of the J1939 transport protocols for large data (TP & BAM)
  • Support of the “address claiming” process for determination of the node address
  • Cyclic transmission and reception of messages
  • ISO-TP Client and Server support included
  • Multi-Line support for gateways or devices with multiple J1939 channels (as option)
  • optionally Diagnostic Messages extension with simplified API for DM1..DM64
  • optionally J1939 Safety support


  • ANSI-C compatible SAE J1939 source code stack
  • available for many CPU types
  • comfortable user interface
  • in great extent configurable and scalable
  • J1939 DeviceDesigner included

System requirements