Kvaser Ethercan Light HS

The Kvaser Ethercan Light HS CAN to Ethernet interface facilitates the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept within modern manufacturing environments by enabling data from any CAN product or system to be accessed over the Internet, via an Ethernet equipped PC.

The Ethercan Light HS is a fully-equipped interface with a large on-board RAM buffer and full compatibility with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet. Simple to set up using the standard Kvaser API, in contrast to many of the CAN to Ethernet gateways on the market, this provides a simple, inexpensive one CAN-channel to Ethernet interface for Windows-based PCs.

    • Major features of the Ethercan Light HS


    • High-speed CAN connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2), up to 1 Mbit/s.


    • Ethernet connection has auto-MDIX, so it automatically detects and adjusts for Ethernet cable being used.


    • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) - receives data and power over the Ethernet cable


    • Small, lightweight plastic housing with galvanic isolation


    • Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000R and DeviceNet.


  • 100% compatible with applications written for other Kvaser CAN hardware with Kvaser CANlib.
Bitrate 40-1000 kbps
Temp Range -20 - 70 °C
Messages Per Second Recieve 8000 mps
Messages Per Second Sending 8000 mps
Weight 100 g
Length 165 mm
Height 17 mm
Channels 1
Certificates CE, RoHS
Interfaces Ethernet RJ45
Categories PC Interfaces
Buffers On Board Buffer
Galvanic Isolation Yes
Error Frame Generation No
Error Counters Reading No
Silent Mode No
Sound No