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Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN

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Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN is a flexible, dual channel interface that allows each channel to be assigned independently as CAN, CAN FD or LIN. This makes the Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN a must-have ’universal interface’ for every engineer involved in automotive communications.

The Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN offers advanced features such as support for CAN FD, Silent Mode, Single Shot, Error Frame Generation and Kvaser MagiSync automatic clock synchronization. As a Pro-level device, this interface can host user-developed programs, created using resources provided within Kvaser’s free CANlib SDK. These can be designed to accomplish a range of advanced tasks, such as CAN node simulation and CAN flashing, or create a LIN to CAN gateway. Guidance and code examples are provided.

An essential tool for automotive engineers, CAN and LIN can now be configured using a single tool. Easy access, from climate control to calibration, using one device. This compact, high-performance interface uses a standard USB connector and two high-speed CAN, CAN FD or LIN channels in separate 9-pin D-SUB CAN connectors. Each channel can be configured for either CAN or LIN, allowing multiple configurations tailored to your needs.

  • Hybrid USB CAN/LIN two channel interface with two separate 9-pin D-SUBS
  • t programsallow users to customize the Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN’s behavior
  • Supports CAN FD, up to 5 Mbit/s (with proper physical layer)
  • Supports High-Speed CAN (ISO 11898-2) up to 1Mbit/s and LIN 2.2A (ISO 17987 Part 1-7) up to 20 kbit/s
  • Capable of sending up to 20000 messages per second, per CAN channel, timestamped with a 1 μs accuracy
  • USB-powered (bus V+ reference required for LIN)
  • Kvaser MagiSync – automatic time synchronization between MagiSync-enabled Kvaser interfaces connected to the same PC
  • Single-shot function ensures that failed transmissions will not retry.
  • Error frame generation and error counters
  • LED lights indicate device status
  • Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet
  • Supplied with Kvaser CANlib and Kvaser LINlib, free software APIs that are common to all Kvaser hardware and enable the channels to be configured intuitively and fast
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
Property Value
The information herein is subject to change without notice.
Galvanic Isolation Yes
Bitrate 50-1000 kbit/s (CAN); 1-20 kBit/s (LIN)
Silent mode Yes
Error frame generation Yes
Error frame detection Yes
Weight 170 g
Timestamp resolution 1 μs
Kvaser MagiSync Yes
Maximum message rate, send 20,000
Maximum message rate, receive 20,000
Sound No
Clock synchronization N/A
Dimensions (WxLxH) 50x170x20 mm (body incl. strain relief)
Kvaser Hybrid Install Guide
Kvaser Hybrid Pro 2xCAN/LIN Install Guide