Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS

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The Kvaser Memorator Professional is a small, yet advanced portable CAN data logger which can also be used as a CAN bus interface. The device can be configured in many different ways to achieve the most suitable and effective logging for any occasion. This product version offers one high-speed CAN channel and one low-speed CAN port.

Kvaser’s Memorator Professional contains an advanced set of features including Message Filtering, Error Detection Mode, Triggers, Battery Backup, an expandable SD Card slot, Linx J1587 compatible, Auto Transmit, Galvanic Isolation among other. Connecting the logger to a PC provides direct access for configuring baud rates, trigger conditions and filters using the standalone Kvaser Memorator Tools

Kvaser Memorator Professional Functions:


Kvaser Memorator can log continuously, or logging can be triggered by external triggers (rising or falling edge) and/or by messages and signals on the CAN bus (triggered by identifier, or data contents.) Pre- and post-triggers are available.


To enhance logging performance, Kvaser Memorator can filter out selectable messages to be logged. The identifiers can be picked from a database, or all messages can be logged.

Memory cards

Standard MMC or SD type flash memory cards can be used. Larger memory cards, up to 1 GB, can be used. See our support pages for more information.

Configuration software in the PC:
  • Configuration of the CAN controller, i.e. bit rate and filters.
  • Configuration of the trigger conditions.
  • Configuration of filter for messages to be stored.
  • Configuration upload and download via USB.
          • One device for desktop and laptop
          • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
          • Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers
          • CAN messages are time-stamped with 10 microseconds resolution
          • Large on-board RAM buffer for CAN messages
          • Supports "listen-only" mode for bus analysis tools
          • Driver support for major operating systems
          • 100% compatible with applications written for Leaf, LAPcan, PCIcan, PCcan and USBcan with Kvaser's CANlib
          • One SD/MMC connector that accepts SD or MMC flash disks, currently up to 1 GB
          • One CAN connection ISO-11898 high-speed, 50kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s (Philips TJA1050)
          • Optional, second CAN connection that can be either high-speed (TJA1050), low-speed (Philips TJA1054), or single-wire (AU5790)
          • One USB 1.1 connection (12 Mbit/s); this connection is compatible with USB 2.0
          • Power from CAN bus or from the USB side
          • Built-in real time (calendar) clock with battery backup
          • Logger status is indicated with four externally visible LEDs
          • Plastic housing with dimension WLH about 509025 mm (circa 2 x 3,5 x 1 inch)


                  Galvanic Isolation No
                  Bitrate 10-1000 kbit/s
                  Silent mode Yes
                  Error frame generation Yes
                  Error frame detection Yes
                  Weight 150 grams
                  Timestamp resolution 30
                  On board buffer Yes
                  Maximum message rate, send 6000
                  Maximum message rate, receive 12000
                  Sound No
                  Clock synchronization N/A
                  Dimensions (WxLxH) 50x90x25 mm (2.0x3.5x1.0in.)