Kvaser OBD II Extension Cable 15 Meter

A Kvaser OBD II Extension Cable is an extension cable with a male to female OBD II connector. The cable is made of durable thermoplastic rubber. All pins are connected.
  • Molded OBD II (SAE J1962) male connector, for Type A (12 Volt) as well as Type B (24 Volt).
  • Molded 9 pin DSUB female connector with thumbscrews
  • 2500 mm (approx. 8 ft) long cable made of durable thermoplastic rubber
  • Designed for Kvaser's High-Speed, Low-Speed and Single-Wire CAN interfaces
  • Perfect for Kvaser Memorator, Kvaser Leaf Professional, etc.
Length 15000 mm (590.6in.)
Weight 1400 grams
Material Durable thermoplastic rubber