Kvaser PCIEcan HS


Product is no longer available.

This product is EOL and not intended for new designs. Please consider the newer model, the Kvaser PCIEcan HS V2 with CAN FD support.

The Kvaser PCIEcan is a CAN interface board, with one or two CAN channels, for PCI Express bus systems. Galvanically isolated CAN bus drivers to protect the hardware.
            • Supports PCI Express x1
            • Designed for standard and industrial computers
            • Quick and easy plug and play installation
            • Hardware compatible with the PCIcanx and PCIcan product families
            • I/O mapped to enable quick reaction times
            • Support CAN 2.0 A and 2.0 B (active)
            • Detection and generation of error frames and remote frames
            • SJA1000 CAN Controllers from Philips, with 64-byte receive FIFO
            • Galvanically isolated CAN bus drivers
            • Supports Silent Mode
            • Dimensions 122 x 103 mm (approx. 4.8 x 4.0 in.)
            • High-speed ISO 11898 compliant driver circuits
            • Interfaces the CAN bus with DSUB CAN connectors; pin assignment according to CiA-DS102
            • 16 MHz CAN oscillator frequency
            • Wide temperature range, -40°C - +85°C
            • Supports the Kvaser Linx
            • Patent Number: US 5,696,911, SE 501984, DE 19514696
                      Galvanic Isolation Yes
                      Bitrate 0-1000 kbit/s
                      Silent mode Yes
                      Error frame generation No
                      Error frame detection Yes
                      Weight 100 grams
                      On board buffer No
                      Maximum message rate, send 18000
                      Maximum message rate, receive 14000
                      Sound No
                      Clock synchronization N/A
                      Dimensions (WxLxH) 120x65x20 mm (4.7x2.6x0.8in.)