LabView Driver for PCAN-Basic 4.x


This API uses the PCAN©-Basic 4.0 API from PEAK-System to establish one or more CAN networks. Using the LabVIEW® API, you can exchange CAN messages via CAN 1.0/2.0B and CAN FD with the PCAN© hardware. CAN FD is supported by the PEAK device driver from version 4 and the PCAN©-Basic API also from version 4.0. The LabVIEW® API is strongly related to the PCAN©-Basic 4.0 help files and supports LabVIEW® 2014 or any higher version. Please keep in mind that you have to download the PCAN© Basic FD driver from PEAK or PEAK distributors first.

  • No familiarization time, since C header files (*.h) no longer need to be read and so the associated DLL calls are no longer required
  • For these drivers interface cards and adapters are available that are all operated with the same calls (parallel, ISA, PCI, PC-104, USB etc.)
  • Simplified configuration in LabView via the functions Create-control or Create-constant

Delivery Contents:

  • The LabView drivers are digitally delivered with an e-mail. Therefore, please enter the e-mail address of the intended recipient in the delivery address or in the comments when ordering.
  • Documentation in PDF format

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