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PCAN-Adapter D-Sub to Screw Terminals

SKU #: IPEK-003025

The adapter with a D-Sub socket connector and a three-pin screw terminal block allows easy connection of open cable ends of a CAN bus to a D-Sub connector. This allows customers to produce all conceivable connection variants themselves in a short time. Not only our PCAN products can thus be connected more flexibly to CAN buses.

The D-Sub socket is assigned according to CiA® 303-1. A CAN bus termination can be added by the customer using an SMD or wired resistor on prepared solder pads.

  • 3-pin screw terminal connector (Phoenix) to 9-pin D-Sub socket (according to CiA® 303-1)
  • For connecting open cable ends
  • Solder pads for SMD and wire for inserting a termination resistor