PCAN-Cable J1939


CAN-J1939 Adapter Cable

The PCAN-Cable J1939 made by PEAK-System Technik routes the CAN signal lines from a DB9 socket to a robust DEUTSCH connector compliant with the SAE J1939 type 1 standard. This allows direct connection of any PEAK CAN interface product to a J1939 CAN bus. The SAE J1939 protocol establishes consistent CAN messages for the communication and diagnosis between components of heavy-duty vehicles such as construction machinery, tractors, and agricultural machines.

Note: this cable does not support the newer J1939 type 2 (500 kBit/s) specification.

  • 9-pin D-Sub socket (in accordance with CiA® 102) to 9-pole DEUTSCH connector of the HD series (type 1)
  • DEUTSCH connector assignment
    • C: CAN-High
    • D: CAN-Low
    • E: CAN-Shield
  • Length 1 m
  • Without termination resistor