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PCAN-Diag FD J1939 Add-in

SKU #: IPES-004069, IPES-004069-E

SAE J1939 describes communication in utility vehicles via CAN. Using PGs (Parameter Groups) and SPs (Suspect Parameters), the standard defines messages and data for the transmission of diagnostic and control information.

The J1939 Add-in for the PCAN-Diag FD extends the functional range of the diagnostic device by supporting the SAE J1939 standard. The CAN data traffic is interpreted according to the included J1939 database and is represented in a way that is understandable for the user. In addition, the add-in includes functions such as the decoding of multi-packet messages, address claiming, and the handling of diagnostic information.

The J1939 Add-in is activated with a device-bound license file which can also be purchased afterwards for a PCAN-Diag FD. Updates for the J1939 database are included for a period of 2 years. An optional extension for an additional 2 years may be purchased separately.

Note: Serial Number

For the activation of the J1939 Add-in for an already purchased PCAN-Diag FD as well as for the maintenance extension of a J1939 Add-in license we need the serial number of your PCAN-Diag FD. Please enter your serial number in the comment field when ordering.

You can read the serial number from the sticker on the bottom of your PCAN-Diag FD or output it via the support menu

What you get:
  • License file for activating the PCAN-Diag FD J1939 Add-in
  • Updates for the J1939 database for 2 years after license purchase
  • Manual in PDF format


Overview of functions
  • Support of the SAE J1939 standard
  • Representation of J1939 data interpreted according to PG and SP definitions
  • SAE J1939 database with all definitions and the included parameters
  • Definition of up to 20 custom PGs
  • Decoding of multi-packet messages with payload data up to 1785 bytes
  • Support for address claiming
  • Display of DM and DTC diagnostic data
Note: The database can only be used with the PCAN-Diag FD J1939 Add-in.
Additional Information
PCAN-Diag FD J1939 Add-in manual
PDF User's Manual in English
PCAN-Diag FD package
The package includes the latest firmware, software, the default project, as well as the current device help and documentation (German and English).