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PCAN Explorer 6 - J1939 add-in

SKU #: IPES-006089

Optional Function Upgrades for PCAN-Explorer V6

Note: Please provide your PCAN Explorer 6 original License Id in the notes section of the checkout process.

Communication on a CAN bus in utility vehicles for the transmission of diagnostics data and control information is describes in the SAE J1939 network protocol. This higher-layer CANbus protocol contains a complete network definition using 29-bit CAN-IDs (CAN 2.0B Extended Frame).

PEAK's J1939 add-in for PCAN-Explorer 6 supports all definitions established by the standard’s parameter groups and provides a simple means of accessing the parameters. Included with the functional PCAN-Explorer 6 upgrade is the complete database of all the definitions and the corresponding parameters.

Note: If this plug-in is for previously purchased PCAN Explorer Software, the serial number of the previously purchased PCAN-Explorer is required. Please include the serial number in the "notes" section of the shopping cart to prevent any delays in fulfilling the order.
  • Support for all functions of the SAE J1939 network protocol
  • CAN messages can be sent in broadcast form or targeted to individual control units (ECUs)
  • Addressing of up to 254 ECUs
  • Supports multi-packet messages
Delivery contents
  • J1939 Add-in software
  • Single user license
  • Documentation in HTML help format