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SKU #: IPEH-002110

The PCAN-GPS made by PEAK-System Technik (Germany) is a programmable sensor module for position and orientation determination. The unit has a satellite receiver, a magnetic field sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. The acquired data can be transmitted on a CAN bus and logged on the internal memory card. The integrated NXP LPC4000 series microcontroller performs all the data processing.

Using the supplied library and the Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain (contains the GNU Compiler Collection GCC for C and C++), custom firmware can be created and then transferred to the module over the CAN bus. The option of using user-designed firmware gives a whole range of possibilities for manipulation, evaluation, filtering, and routing of the data traffic.

Upon delivery the PCAN-GPS is pre-loaded with a demo firmware that transmits the raw data of the sensors periodically on the CAN bus. The source code of the demo firmware as well as further programming examples are included in the scope of supply.

  • NXP LPC4000 series microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • Receiver for navigation satellites u-blox MAX-7W (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS)
  • Bosch BMC050 electronic three-axis magnetic field sensor and three-axis accelerometer
  • Gyroscope STMicroelectronics L3GD20
  • High-speed CAN channel (ISO 11898-2) with bit rates from 40 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Internal 2-kByte EEPROM
  • microSD™ memory card slot
  • Wake-up by CAN bus or by separate input
  • 2 digital inputs (high-active)
  • 1 digital output (low-side driver)
  • LEDs for status signaling
  • Connection via a 10-pole screw-terminal strip (Phoenix)
  • Voltage supply from 8 to 30 V
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40 to 85 °C (with exception of the button cell)
  • New firmware can be loaded via CAN interface
  • To transfer the firmware via CAN, a PEAK CAN interface is required
Connectors Screw terminal strip, 10-pin 3.5mm pitch (Phoenix Contact MC 1.5/10-ST-3.5 - order# 1840447)
Antenna: sub-miniature-A (SMA); supply for antenna: 3.3V, max. 50 mA
Memory card: internal microSD slot for cards up to 32GByte, types SD and SDHC
Power Supply Supply voltage: +8 … +30 VDC
Current consumption normal operation: 8V = 100mA, 12V = 60mA, 24V = 30mA, 30V=25mA
Current consumption sleep mode: 60μA
Button cell for RTC (and GNSS if required): 3 V, type CR2032; Note: Observe the operating temperature range for used button cell.
CAN Interface Specification: High-speed CAN per ISO 11898-2, 2.0A (standard format) and 2.0B (extended format)
Bit rates: 40 kBit/s...1 MBit/s
Transceiver: NXP TJA1041T, wake-up capable
Bus termination: None
Receiver for navigation satellites (GNSS): Type: u-blox MAX-7W
Receivable navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS
Connection to microcontroller: serial connection (UART2) with 9600 Baud 8N1 (default)
Operation modes: continuous mode or power-saving mode
Antenna type: active or passive
Protective circuit antenna: monitoring of the antenna current on short circuit with message
Maximum update rate of navigation data: 10 Hz
Maximum number of satellites received at the same time: 56
Sensitivity: max. 161 dbm (tracking and navigation)
Time to first position fix after cold start (TTFF): about 30 secs
Accuracy of positioning values: GPS = 2.5m; GPS with SBAS = 2m, GLONASS = 4m
Supply for active antenna: 3.3V @ 50mA (max), switchable
Antenna for satellite reception Type: taoglas Ulysses AA.162
Center frequency range: 1574 - 1610 MHz
Operating temperature range: -40 - +85 °C (-40 - +185 °F)
Size: 40 x 38 x 10 mm
Cable length: about 3 m
Weight: 59 g
Special feature: Integrated magnet for mounting
Gyroscope Type: STMicroelectronics L3GD20
Connection to microcontroller: SPI
Axes: roll (X), pitch (Y), yaw (Z)
Measuring ranges: ±250, ±500, ±2000 dps (degrees per second)
Data format: 16 bits, two's complement
Output data rate (ODR): 95 Hz, 190 Hz, 380 Hz, 760 Hz
Filter possibilities: Configurable high-pass and low-pass
Power saving modes: Sleep (2 mA), Power-down (5 μA)
Acceleration and magnetic field sensor Type: Bosch Sensortec BMC050
Connection to microcontroller: SPI
Accelerometer Measuring ranges: ±2/±4/±8/±16 G
Data format: 10 bits, two's complement
Filter possibilities: Low-pass with 1 kHz - 8 Hz bandwidth
Operating modes: Power off, Normal, Suspend, Low-Power
Correction options: Offset compensation
Magnetic field sensor Sensitivity: X, Y: ±1000 μT; Z: ±2500 μT
Data format: X, Y: 13 bits, two's complement; Z: 15 bits, two's complement
Output data rate (ODR): 2 - 30 measurements per second
Operating modes: Power off, Suspend, Sleep, Active
Digital inputs Count: 2 (terminals 6 and 10)
Switch type: High-active (internal pull-down), inverting
Max. input frequency: 3 kHz
Switching thresholds: High: Uin ≥ 3 V | Low: Uin ≤ 2.2 V
Internal resistance: 133 kΩ
Digital output Count: 1 (terminal 5)
Type: Low-side driver
Max. voltage: 30V
Max. current: 0.5A
Short-circuit current: 1.5A
Microcontroller Type: NXP LPC4074
Clock frequency quartz: 12MHz
Clock frequency internally: max. 120 MHz (programmable by PLL)
Dimensions 45 x 68 x 26 mm (without SMA connector), see dimensional drawing in the User's Manual - attachment B
Weight Circuit board: 33 g (incl. button cell and mating connector)
Casing: 17 g
Operating temperature -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F); (except button cell)
Button cell (typical): -20 - +60 °C (-5 to +140 °F)
Storage temperature -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F); (except button cell)
Button cell (typical): -40 - +70 °C (-40 to +160 °F)
Relative humidity 15% to 90% (non-condensing)
EMI/Protection EN 61326-1:2013-07
EC directive 2004/108/EG
IP20 (DIN EN 60529)
Certifications CE
PCAN-GPS manual
User's Guide PCAN-GPS
PCAN-GPS manual - Antenna Appendix
Antenna Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS manual - GNSS Appendix
GNSS Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS manual - Gyroscope Appendix
Gyroscope Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS manual - Magnetic Field Sensor Appendix
BMC050 Electronic Compass Datasheet
PCAN-GPS manual - Microcontroller Appendix
LPC408x/407x User Manual
PCAN-GPS Package
The package includes all files for custom firmware development: Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain, Flash program, library and programming examples
The PCAN-GPS made by PEAK-System Technik (Germany) is a programmable sensor module for position and orientation determination. The unit has a satellite receiver, a magnetic field sensor, an acceler...
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