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SKU #: IPEH-003110

Programmable Sensor Module with CAN FD Connection

The PCAN-GPS FD is a programmable sensor module for position and orientation determination with CAN FD connection. It has a satellite receiver, a magnetic field sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. Incoming sensor data is processed by the NXP microcontroller LPC54618 and then transmitted via CAN or CAN FD.

The behavior of the PCAN-GPS FD can be programmed freely for specific applications. The firmware is created using the included development package with GNU compiler for C and C++ and is then transferred to the module via CAN. Various programming examples facilitate the implementation of own solutions.

On delivery, the PCAN-GPS FD is provided with a standard firmware that transmits the raw data of the sensors periodically on the CAN bus. 

  • NXP LPC4000 series microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • Receiver for navigation satellites u-blox MAX-7W (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS)
  • Bosch BMC050 electronic three-axis magnetic field sensor and three-axis accelerometer
  • Gyroscope STMicroelectronics L3GD20
  • High-speed CAN channel (ISO 11898-2) with bit rates from 40 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Internal 2-kByte EEPROM
  • microSD™ memory card slot
  • Wake-up by CAN bus or by separate input
  • 2 digital inputs (high-active)
  • 1 digital output (low-side driver)
  • LEDs for status signaling
  • Connection via a 10-pole screw-terminal strip (Phoenix)
  • Voltage supply from 8 to 30 V
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40 to 85 °C (with exception of the button cell)
  • New firmware can be loaded via CAN interface
  • To transfer the firmware via CAN, a PEAK CAN interface is required
Connectors Screw terminal strip, 10-pin 3.5mm pitch (Phoenix Contact MC 1.5/10-ST-3.5 - order# 1840447)
Antenna: sub-miniature-A (SMA); supply for antenna: 3.3V, max. 50 mA
Memory card: internal microSD slot for cards up to 32GByte, types SD and SDHC
Power Supply Supply voltage: +8 … +30 VDC
Current consumption normal operation: 8V = 100mA, 12V = 60mA, 24V = 30mA, 30V=25mA
Current consumption sleep mode: 60μA
Button cell for RTC (and GNSS if required): 3 V, type CR2032; Note: Observe the operating temperature range for used button cell.
CAN Interface Specification: High-speed CAN per ISO 11898-2, 2.0A (standard format) and 2.0B (extended format)
Bit rates: 40 kBit/s...1 MBit/s
Transceiver: NXP TJA1041T, wake-up capable
Bus termination: None
Receiver for navigation satellites (GNSS): Type: u-blox MAX-7W
Receivable navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, SBAS
Connection to microcontroller: serial connection (UART2) with 9600 Baud 8N1 (default)
Operation modes: continuous mode or power-saving mode
Antenna type: active or passive
Protective circuit antenna: monitoring of the antenna current on short circuit with message
Maximum update rate of navigation data: 10 Hz
Maximum number of satellites received at the same time: 56
Sensitivity: max. 161 dbm (tracking and navigation)
Time to first position fix after cold start (TTFF): about 30 secs
Accuracy of positioning values: GPS = 2.5m; GPS with SBAS = 2m, GLONASS = 4m
Supply for active antenna: 3.3V @ 50mA (max), switchable
Antenna for satellite reception Type: taoglas Ulysses AA.162
Center frequency range: 1574 - 1610 MHz
Operating temperature range: -40 - +85 °C (-40 - +185 °F)
Size: 40 x 38 x 10 mm
Cable length: about 3 m
Weight: 59 g
Special feature: Integrated magnet for mounting
Gyroscope Type: STMicroelectronics L3GD20
Connection to microcontroller: SPI
Axes: roll (X), pitch (Y), yaw (Z)
Measuring ranges: ±250, ±500, ±2000 dps (degrees per second)
Data format: 16 bits, two's complement
Output data rate (ODR): 95 Hz, 190 Hz, 380 Hz, 760 Hz
Filter possibilities: Configurable high-pass and low-pass
Power saving modes: Sleep (2 mA), Power-down (5 μA)
Acceleration and magnetic field sensor Type: Bosch Sensortec BMC050
Connection to microcontroller: SPI
Accelerometer Measuring ranges: ±2/±4/±8/±16 G
Data format: 10 bits, two's complement
Filter possibilities: Low-pass with 1 kHz - 8 Hz bandwidth
Operating modes: Power off, Normal, Suspend, Low-Power
Correction options: Offset compensation
Magnetic field sensor Sensitivity: X, Y: ±1000 μT; Z: ±2500 μT
Data format: X, Y: 13 bits, two's complement; Z: 15 bits, two's complement
Output data rate (ODR): 2 - 30 measurements per second
Operating modes: Power off, Suspend, Sleep, Active
Digital inputs Count: 2 (terminals 6 and 10)
Switch type: High-active (internal pull-down), inverting
Max. input frequency: 3 kHz
Switching thresholds: High: Uin ≥ 3 V | Low: Uin ≤ 2.2 V
Internal resistance: 133 kΩ
Digital output Count: 1 (terminal 5)
Type: Low-side driver
Max. voltage: 30V
Max. current: 0.5A
Short-circuit current: 1.5A
Microcontroller Type: NXP LPC4074
Clock frequency quartz: 12MHz
Clock frequency internally: max. 120 MHz (programmable by PLL)
Dimensions 45 x 68 x 26 mm (without SMA connector), see dimensional drawing in the User's Manual - attachment B
Weight Circuit board: 33 g (incl. button cell and mating connector)
Casing: 17 g
Operating temperature -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F); (except button cell)
Button cell (typical): -20 - +60 °C (-5 to +140 °F)
Storage temperature -40 … +85 °C (-40 … +185 °F); (except button cell)
Button cell (typical): -40 - +70 °C (-40 to +160 °F)
Relative humidity 15% to 90% (non-condensing)
EMI/Protection EN 61326-1:2013-07
EC directive 2004/108/EG
IP20 (DIN EN 60529)
Certifications CE
PCAN-GPS FD manual
User's Guide PCAN-GPS FD
PCAN-GPS FD manual - Antenna Appendix
Antenna Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS FD manual - GNSS Appendix
GNSS Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS FD manual - Gyroscope Appendix
Gyroscope Specifications Datasheet
PCAN-GPS FD manual - Magnetic Field Sensor Appendix
BMC050 Electronic Compass Datasheet
PCAN-GPS FD manual - Microcontroller Appendix
LPC408x/407x User Manual
The development package includes all files for custom firmware development: Yagarto GNU ARM toolchain, Flash program, library and programming examples

Programmable Sensor Module with CAN FD Connection The PCAN-GPS FD is a programmable sensor module for position and orientation determination with CAN FD connection. It has a satellite receiver, a ...
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