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PCAN-miniPCIe connection cable to DB-9

SKU #: IPEK-003020, IPEK-003022

PCAN-miniPCIe connection cable to DB-9
Connects miniature connector on PCB of PEAK PCAN-miniPCIe cards to DB-9

  • IPEK-003020 = single CAN channel connection to DB-9 (works with IPEH-003045, IPEH-003046, IPEH-003047, IPEH-003048, IPEH-003049)

  • IPEK-003022 = double CAN/CAN FD channel connection to single DB-9 (works with IPEH-004046, IPEH-004047 (miniPCIe FD) 2 or 4-channel cards  as well as IPEH-004084, IPEH-004085 (M.2) 2 or 4-channel cards)