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PCAN-Plotter plug-in for PCAN Explorer 6

SKU #: IPES-006087

Optional Function Upgrades for PCAN-Explorer V6

Note: Please provide your PCAN Explorer 6 original License Id in the notes section of the checkout process.

The PCAN-Plotter add-in for PEAK's PCAN-Explorer V6 allows the recording and graphical representation of any number of signal sequences. Signal sources can be the data from incoming and outgoing CAN messages as well as virtual variables and results from macro calculations. The current view can be saved as an image in EMF, PNG, BMP or JEPG format.

Plot Viewer: The free Windows® software Plot Viewer provided by PEAK enables the display of the records without PCAN-Explorer V6 installed on the target computer. Click here to Download.

  • Real-time display of signal sequences
  • Unlimited number of recording channels
  • Unlimited number of Y-axes
  • X-axis and Y-axes can be zoomed and scrolled freely, even during recording
  • Labelling of time axis with absolute or relative time stamps
  • Facility for automatic adaptation of axes to plots
  • Reversible Y-axes
  • Logarithmic scales
  • Cursor display for plot measurement
  • The current view can be saved as an image in EMF, PNG, BMP or JEPG format
  • Export of the recording to a CSV file
  • Import of data recordings from the PCAN-Explorer‘s tracer, from PCAN-Trace, or PCAN-View
  • Display of limiting values and value ranges
  • Comprehensive formatting options for displaying curves, axes and the plotter layout

Delivery contents:

  • Plotter Add-in software
  • Single user license
Plot Viewer
Free Windows® software to display records (PLT files) created with the PCAN-Explorer Plotter Add-in