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SAE J2716 (SENT) – USB Interface


The SENT-USB is a two-channel SAE J2716 (Single Edge Nibble Transmission – SENT) to USB interface that easily connects a SENT bus to any computer with an USB port. The converter is powered from USB and features two bi-directional SENT channels and an USB virtual COM port. The device comes with a free-of-charge PC application for SENT communication analysis and simulation. An open communication protocol over the virtual serial port enables the user to integrate the interface into an existing system.

  • SENT to USB Interface
  • SENT logger/tester/simulator
  • Two independent SAE J2716 (SENT) channels
  • Each channel configurable as RX or TX,
  • USB-powered
  • USB Interface (Virtual COM port)
  • Supports Fast and Slow Messages according to SAE J2716:2016 (Fast, Short Serial, and Enhanced Serial)
  • Supports SENT/SPC
  • Configurable SENT channel parameters – Tick Time, Nibble Count
  • Included PC application

Additional Features:

  • On-board remanent memory
  • Intelligent message filtration
  • 4x LED (3x Status, 1x Power)
  • 1x Reset switch
  • 5V DC output with over-current protection
  • 1x 8-pin terminal block, 1x Micro-USB
  • Table or DIN-rail mount
  • Hardware and firmware customization on request
SENT-USB Interface Data Sheet
SAE J2716 (SENT) – USB Interface Data Sheet