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sysWORXX CANopen IO-C12

SKU #: SYS-phyPS-409-Y

The SYSTEC CANopen IO-C12 is a compact CANopen I/O extension module with outstanding performance. This device provides a mix of industrial proven input and output signal types via CANopen network variables and combines it with features of network management and node guarding in a compact DIN-rail mountable case. Clearly arranged LED indicate the status of each I/O. Removable terminal blocks enable easy deployment and exchange of modules.

Part# SYS-phyPS-409-Y includes mating connectors and cable set. Also available as special order item without connectors/cable set under part# SYS-3001011. Email us for details.

CANopen features:

  • Communication profile according to CiA 301
  • Device profile according to CiA DS 404
  • State indicators according to CiA 303-3 V1.0
  • Layer Setting Service (LSS) according to CiA 305 V1.1
  • 3 TPDO / 3 RPDO
  • Dynamic PDO-Linking and Mapping
  • SDO-Server
  • Life guarding, Node guarding, Heartbeat Producer / Consumer
  • Emergency Producer
  • Variable, dynamic PDO-Mapping
  • SYNC-Consumer
  • TPDO transmission-type: asynchron, synchron, event driven, cyclic, acyclic or remote request
  • Event Timer and Inhibit Timer for TPDO

Communication and device configuration:

  • galvanic isolated high-speed CAN Bus interface, CAN-bus driver supports up to 64 nodes on one bus
  • Hex-encoding switches for setting node-ID and baud rate
  • CAN-bus baud rate: 10kBit/s to 1Mbit/s
  • CAN-High/Low short-circuit proof against 24V
  • RS232 interface, used for firmware update
  • Non-volatile memory for storage of configuration data

IO configuration and module features:

  • 27 digital inputs 24VDC, galvanic isolated
  • 16 digital outputs 24VDC/0,5A, galvanic isolated, short-circuit proof
  • 4 Relay outputs 250VAC/3A, 3 NO and 1 changer
  • 4 analog inputs 0..10VDC, 10-bit resolution
  • 2 analog outputs 0..10VDC, max. 30mA, 10-bit resolution, short-circuit proof
  • 2 PWM outputs 24VDC/0,5A
  • IO connectors: removable spring type terminal connectors
  • LED for indication of IO-state, Power LED, device state, Error-LED

Power Supply, Environmental Conditions:

  • Operating voltage: 2x 24VDC ±20%, separated power-supply for IO and CPU
  • Current-consumption: typical 100mA (without connected IO)
  • Operating Temperature: 0..50°C, extended temperature range upon request
  • Dimensions (LxWxH in mm): 160x95x75
  • Installation method: DIN/EN-rail mounting
  • Enclosure protection class: IP20
  • Weight: ca. 350g
User Manual
CANopen IO-C12 - Systems Manual
Product Flyer
sysWORXX CANopen I/O modules - Product Flyer
EDS file - CANopen IO-C12
P/N SO-1044 - Package includes the "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) for the CANopen IO-C12 module