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Introducing the New RevPi S/SE Series

In April 2022, KUNBUS announced the newest members of the Revolution Pi (RevPi) family: The S and SE series, based on the brand-new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4S. The series is an intermediate step between the 3+ series and the RevPi 4 series.

Due to the supply of compute modules, which could not be delivered sufficiently because of the global chip shortage, the Raspberry Pi organization provided KUNBUS with a special alternative to the Compute Module 3+: The Compute Module 4S. This is a Compute Module in the form factor of the CM 3+, on which the more powerful Arm Cortex-A72 processor of the CM 4 is installed.

The difference between the S and SE series is simple: The S series is compatible with all expansion modules including our fieldbus gateways. The SE series can only be extended by IO modules and in case of the RevPi Connect by Con modules. Fieldbus gateways are not supported in the SE series.

The first units of our S and SE series will be shipped in late Q3 2022

RevPi Connect S

RevPi Connect SE

RevPi Core S

RevPi Core SE

RevPi Flat S